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About this website
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This website was created in June of 2005.  I created it myself, it is completely of my own creation.  It wasn’t put together in a professional manner, just as a method to convey information and share my passion for this topic.  To this day all the updates and add ons are done solely by myself.  I haven’t had the money to invest in the site to a high degree.  All of the ideas on this site are my own.  Also I am French, English is my second language, and my English grammar needs some work.  My strengths are in working on my projects, not in making drawings or in proper spelling, so bare with me at times.  This is a site where you can access information at no cost, well almost, to keep my work alive I need funding and support.  I’m not part of any major group or have any affiliation to any corporation.  All the money for my project I sponsor by myself and also with the donations I get from time to time.   This is the reason why I’ve placed paypal donation banners everywhere.  So please enjoy the site and help if you can.  Donations ensure that I can post more photos and more videos on youtube and aid in my projects.  When we achieve a successful time travel trip, everyone will have access to the info on how this was achieved. Thank you for  your understanding and

please share the url link to this site. I would like to capture the most interest, from as many people as I can, so that one day full time experimentation can take place and I will be able to entertain you with daily doses of information.

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The one main reason why we are asking for donations its because me and the members of timenomore are all on a limited income , due to the economic situation of the world we are in now , i put a lots of moeny by myself and Dr Y as well and Dr u donates a lot of his time as well but we need help none the less, so please find it in your heart to help us move forward and everyone that donates generously will be made aware of the developement in our next trial and new developement, we know what we have to do now and we are aiming to this goal , but like i say i cannot do it alone ,
Thank you for your generous donations.

Thank you for helping us move forward.