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The Brossard Experiment

DO NOT recreate this experiment without consulting me first. Otherwise you may just end up wasting your time. Or much worse, putting yourself in serious danger!


I would first like to specify that this page is here as a record of my personal experiences surrounding my research and the incident in question.

'The Brossard Experiment', was a project sponsored by one of my friends who was in the army then and still is today (his name will remain anonymous).. I was asked to develop or recreate the Philadelphia Experiment, to render a vehicle invisible, which I did after more than 6 months of hard work and research based on that of the people who were originally involved in the Philadelphia Experiment. (It should be noted that even with my basic electronic skills, I was able to follow a plan that was designed by other people, along with my own research.  Most of the devices were built by colleagues of mine who have a lot of experience)


After collecting all the information I needed to recreate this project, I returned home and embarked on 6 additional months of intense labor. Eventually I had built a prototype ready for trial on a car (which was my own personal car). At this stage I had made what I thought was an invisibility drive that could be used to render a vehicle invisible, just like that used to render invisible the U.S.S. Eldridge in 1942,43,46. It was at this time that I decided to take the plunge and try my stuff out - on the road!

On May 3rd, 2003 I decided to take this car on the road. I took highway 10 toward the Eastern townships of my region and drove toward a quiet zone (where I knew no one would be on the road at the given time of day). At this point I turned on the system, trying not to crash, since I was busy both driving and operating the 3 control panels at the same time. After a while I noticed that the battery was losing power, so I decided to give it full power.  After a few seconds I sensed the car slowing down and a green mist started to form around the shell of the car. Then there was a flash and I didn't see my friends anymore. (I had a friend in another vehicle there to witness the event.) I only saw the empty vehicle driving by and nothing living was there: only dense and slowly evolving objects. The car's tires looked really faded. It was almost as if they were not there.. trees did not have leaves or small branches on them. It seemed to me that I was in the exact moment between one second and the next.


To me it seemed as though I was there in that alternate place for about 15 minutes, but to my friend who was witnessing this, I was gone for 8 minutes. He said the car disappeared from sight as though his eyes became blurry.  Then there was nothing: no car where I had just been a few seconds before.  8 minutes later when he was almost 6km down the road from my starting point, I reappeared just as a 16 wheel semi was passing him. At this moment a huge magnetic pulse blew out from my car and the system caught fire. It is at this moment that I drove off the highway and pulled out into a truck parking lot to put out the fire that was engulfing the dash of the car. Apparently the battery wire touched the body and created a short, as I came back, setting the plastic of the dash on fire.

This is just a rendition of what i can recall
do not build anything related on this

this is what the car look like (sorta)
this is exactly were the bar magnet were place

this is how the set up was instal on all four side

once again this is just a rendition


So at the following moment of my arrival I started to put out the fire. When this was done I was quite happy to say, “Wow , what the hell did I just accomplish here?  Did I sort of time travel or what exactly?” Much to my surprise my army buddy arrived just a few moments after I was saying that. I wanted to keep the experiment to myself. My army buddy was quite angry. They hooked up my car to a tow truck and left with it. They took me and my friend for debriefing and explaining what I had tried to accomplish here. After signing a non-disclosure treaty (agreement), to which we agreed to keep our story under wraps and never mention anything about it to the public. But as luck would have it he never checked the internet and I decided to post my claim to whom ever would listen (he off course would never worry about what i would say because he knew that no one would ever believe me)


Well this is my story! As of today it is the best I can recollect from that day. Under here I will post what was in the car and how I managed this feat of random engineering and the guess work that I did.

what i think happen in subspace