What is Timenomore all about?

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What is Timenomore all about?
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Timenomore is an organization of passionate individuals that share a common goals and objectives, and are willing to think outside of the box, and follow through with new ideas and experiments . What we wish to achieve: To build a fully functional time machine and to research an effective method of building a free energy machine, or self energizing generator (SEG) The members of Timenomore: Dr Z : President and Head of timenomore, is the initiator of the group and manage to establish a valued friendship with all his members, Dr z gained his experiences since back in 1999 when John Titor was still around, having been in contact with john at the time, this was a motivation to move on through many different time related projects which culminated in the experiment known as The Brossard Experiment. Having been in the army for 3 years and earning most of his knowledge from multiple teachers and thru out multiple jobs, Doctor Z embarked in this venture of mind, body, and soul, through extreme willingness, and determination to achieve time travel by the year 2011. Dr Y: Vice President of Timenomore: Dr Z and Dr Y met in 2004 one year after the Brossard Experiment. Dr Y has a lifetime of experience in science and the paranormal, which makes him a wonderful assistant and head engineer of Timenomore. Member 3 : Technical Engineer in the Canadian Army at this moment, he has helped Timenomore with his knowledge of secret Tesla engineering and current physics knowledge gathered from new developments in military applications. Member 4: Technical Engineer: Member 4 is as well versed in the creative side of things as DR Z. He contributes to Timenomore by figuring out new ideas and helps with hands on work on all the projects. Member 5 : A non-local participant of the Timenomore group because he lives a distance away, but is always on the lookout for news and information via the internet, he has spent the better part of his days on forums in discussions and searching postings, also aiding in finding new members to contribute, always looking to find new information and contacts that could be of help in our mission here at Timenomore

What do we wish to achieve by telling everyone about time travel?
What do we wish to achieve by telling everyone about time travel
1-We wish to inform the masses about the reality of things and show them that it's not so complicated to time travel, (even actually do it) and that you don't need to be an Harvard student in physics to get it, but almost! (lol).
2-We wish to share and gather our common knowledge about what we know and share what we have experienced ourselves and what we think to be the truth.
3-We want to share our plans, ideas and information about what we have tried and what we have tested so far. You will see me in those videos just to show you how courageous I am.
In these videos you will see how to use the HDR and our machine and see our latest experiments. (Note: it is your invention and you can chose to not capitalize the initials if you want to but it is traditional to capitalize initials). 
4- You will also learn about other experiments that went on in history and also the myth of a certain story that still remains to be verified.