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How can we time travel?
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  How can we time travel?


   Well if you have read everything so far we have learned that time is a frequency that vibrates throughout the Universe as long as you stand still. Then we learned what people have done so far to time travel. Then we learned that there's more than one time machine out there. So now we will theorize on how to time travel.  


  Let's move on shall we,

 Here is my theory: I will go in stages as it is easier to explain step by step.


1-We need to create a device which we can use to protect ourselves from the surrounding effects of time travel.


2-We need to create a rotating magnetic field which is in turn fed by a frequency (we have found it and the solution is at hand , just a matter of time until we build our machine we need more $).


3-We need to make the device energy sufficient so that it will be easy to recharge no matter what and where and when we are, because we don’t want to end up seemingly trapped like Marty McFly was in 1955 in the Back to the Future movie. A little comedy doesn’t hurt. But the concept is much the same. Getting back.   



4-We need to be ready for any and all possibilities because time traveling is a risky venture from which you might not come back alive. So having a bus load of courage helps and being physically fit also help because when this all happens your mind and heart might not be able to take it.


5-We need a computer that is able to calculate the frequency in which we travel and set the next destination where we wish to go, because our human brains cannot fathom the math it takes to do this.


6-We need a secluded place far from prying eyes to start time traveling. One can imagine what would happen if you just leave in the middle of a crowd. (panic and questioning)


7-Ha! The most important rule of all is to make a machine that is easy to fix because in the past you won't find an Intel processor or 12 volt battery. So we must make sure it is super easy to fix and durable.

 You may be saying what we are doing with all of this still doesn’t explain exactly how we propose to time travel. Be patient. That is coming! We have another theory about  the Brossard experiment and the Philadelphia Experiment. Both experiments created a magnetic field to create a cloaking device. We started to distort the light array spectrum and then by feeding it a certain frequency the rotating magnetic field started to oscillate faster than light itself. This started to bend the fabric of time. Both experiences had different effects but almost the same result. We did distort the light to make invisibility and we successfly traveled to another spectrum. Read more on the previous link

 That's how we were able to make an effective time traveling machine. In reality; By distorting  the light spectrum and feeding it a frequency to make it vibrate to the frequency of the Universe we can make an effective time traveling machine. (Energy consumption is required but how much is unknown so far. We still need to advance our research on this aspect )


 I hope all of this so far has shown you the potential of what can be accomplished.  What has been experimented with to accomplish time travel and how time itself works. If you have a thirst for further knowledge, you should read the next page of our website. We will describe more on the time travel machine and what the movie industry has done over the years  to help time travel enthusiasm actually get more intense.


On these words I thank you! I hope you have enjoyed your information consumption so far. Because the following pages have tons more of relevant information to this subject.